Dongguan Chenguan Electronic Technology is a collection of scientific research, development, production, sales, service as one, professional power suppliers, for Taiwan power source Electric Company Limited ( EPS ) branch in China, main Chinese domestic customer orders and the maintenance as well as the import and export business.
The company was founded in 1989, mainly engaged in switching power supply, AC power adapter, inverter products of independent research and development, production and sales. The inception of the company, we are committed to the standard 5W-150W AC adapter, the scope of products: notebook computers, mini PC printer, closed-circuit television, stereo, liquid crystal display, audio amplifier, then to broaden the scope of our business and meet the needs of customers, we started the production of a variety of OEM, ODM and inverter switching power supply project, applied to the top box, LCD TV, senior experience so that we in the industry have a certain visibility.
Company in mainland China and Taiwan has a strong R & D team, the team members in this field for more than 10 years of experience, professional background, flexible development schedule and professional design won the majority of customers trust. The company accumulated at home and abroad related products experience, formed a wealth of experience, United and efficient core team, the company has large-scale production capacity, can provide customers with a high standard of product design, and quick delivery cycle, and improve after-sales service. The spirit of "survive by quality, to the stability and development of the concept of" constantly improve the quality of existing products on the basis of the importance of product and operating environment, the requirements of environmental protection
Our factory in mainland Zhejiang branch of Ningbo and Guangdong Dongguan, effective services to domestic and foreign customers around the needs, the factory passed ISO9001 international quality management system, to comply with the spirit of ISO production management, since 2004, we first used in the production of lead-free process, this process makes the EPS a more powerful, more competition in the leader, in this industry and reached a new milepost.
In 2011, the European Union put forward new energy requirements, provide new energy-saving low power products, EPS set up branch offices in mainland China, the comprehensive promotion of new products, morning crown electronics to meet customer needs a comprehensive, we at the same time with the Taiwan kith group ( CWT ), Hongkong ocean shipping company, the introduction of more specifications, more new products, we uphold the quality first, service first business philosophy to ensure that our products more competitive.


Product Exhibition

  • F10242 series 10W~22W

    F10242 series 10W~22W

  • W10X-YZ series 10W~24W

    W10X-YZ series 10W~24W

  • F10242 series 24W

    F10242 series 24W

  • F15Y2 series 45W

    F15Y2 series 45W

  • F10Y2 series (45W)

    F10Y2 series (45W)

  • F15Y2,3 series (45W)

    F15Y2,3 series (45W)

  • F10Y2,3 series (45W)

    F10Y2,3 series (45W)

  • F15Y2 series 50W

    F15Y2 series 50W

  • PRO-01
  • PRO-02
  • PRO-03
  • PRO-04
  • PRO-05
  • PRO-06